Our Lady Queen of Peace & St. Thomas More
A Catholic Community, Alive in Christ


Sharing Your Treasure

How we are asked to give of our “treasure” is a very personal decision because what is a sacrifice for one may be quite easy for another. Traditionally, Christians have set aside a full 10% (a tithe) of their income as a sacrificial gift back to God, the source of all that is good.

The ideal towards which our parishioners are moving is to set aside 5% of your net (after tax) income for the parish, while giving the remaining 5% to other charities. The combination of these two patterns of giving then reflects the gospel tithe of 10%.

Your gift of “treasure” to the parish can be reflected in many ways:

  • The weekly parish collection envelope
  • An occasional designated donation to one of our parish ministries (Faith Formation,¬†Youth Group, Social Outreach, etc.)
  • Church Memorial (Items for the Church in memory of loved ones)
  • Fr. Tony Memorial Fund (For the Poor & Needy)
  • St. Thomas More Capital Fund

Other charities might include:

  • Gifts for Bishop Matthew Clark’s Annual Catholic Ministries Appeal
  • The Monroe County United Way campaign
  • The foreign missions
  • Shelters for the homeless,
  • Catholic School Tuition
  • A favorite charity you support, etc.

The Lord knows your good intentions. Some people live on fixed incomes and others scarcely have enough on which to subsist and can do no more. Sacrificial giving may have to be phased in by beginning with a lower percentage and then gradually, as your situation changes, increasing your giving level. For others, Sacrificial Giving may be a continuance of a practice from your former parish. Whatever the case is in your life, let the Lord guide your decision.

Electronic Funds Transfer

To download a copy of the Electronic Funds Transfer Form, please click here (pdf).  For further information please contact Mary Kase @ 381-4200 x260 or mary.kase@dor.org